Monday, February 22, 2010

Denggi dan Ketam

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selalu je dengar if kena denggi, makan la sup ketam. what's the relevancy? Even the doctor treating my sister recommended her to take sup ketam. i've read testimonials from ex-dengue patients about the wonder of 'sup ketam' in healing dengue. if it is so berkesan, why not making it into pills ke kan?

According to klinikummi, crab is high in protein. This protein will help in building blood platelet which are damaged due to dengue virus.

Since dengue is common in tropical climates like Malaysia. Maybe the Malaysian scientist could initiate a research of treating dengue with crab. or it is has been initiated? if there is, it should be commercialized. boleh bagi bisnes to penternak ketam :)

here are some links to alternative treatment to cure dengue.

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