Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good nite sleep

An adult need 6-8 hours of sleep in a day. Me? Less than that. After nearly 3 years of having children, my sleep time become lesser. If i could get at least 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep is enough for me. But it rarely happens.

Nowadays, its been even harder for me to fall asleep before 12midnite. The funny thing is my kids are already in their 'dreamland' but still i couldn't sleep. And by the time i wanted to sleep, Nadhirah wakes up for breastfeeding session :).

Stay late at nite has becoming a habit. No matter how tired i am, i just couldn't sleep early. Tired in d morning? Of course!! But this is becoming a body clock has been customized in such way.

I think the last time i had a good nite sleep when i was on business trip sometime in June 2009. Oh i tell you, heaven!! But i still wakes up in the middle of d nite for d first two days. Dah biasa, Nadhirah's feeding time :). But to get such a beauty sleep is a reward that i couldn't ask for more.

Some ppl say, drink hot milk or get into hot shower if you couldn't sleep. I dont do milk..but to shower in d middle of d nite, i have to pass. Mau everyday mandi nanti kena radang paru2 kan.

I think too much ke? Naah not really..or my biological clock is ticking? Hhmmm..
I need to sleep..zzzzzzz. But how?

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