Monday, February 22, 2010

Hot weather

The hot weather in Malaysia is expected to end by early April. Panas2 ni ramai yang jatuh sakit. This includes Nadhirah.
At the moment, i'm at APSH waiting to see d paed. Apparently mmg ramai bdk2 yg sakit. Mostly having fever.
Musim2 panas ni, please avoid bringing the kids outside. Even we couldnt stand d heat, apalagi our kids. Give them a lot of water.
The body dehydrates more in hot weather. Furthermore d kids remain active so water is essential to balance d body temperature.
Avoid giving ice drinks to d kids. But that one, i couldnt help myself. Ice water is something i look for in this kinda weather (bad example :) )
Since its hot now, please ensure we take extra precaution in eliminating mosquitos. Makin byk nyamuk musim panas ni. So be extra careful when the kids showing feverish symptom.

- posted while waiting for Dr at APSH..lamanya lagi..waited from 9am :(

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