Saturday, February 13, 2010


While most of KLians decided to get out from KL. We decided not to add to d crowd at highways. So where do we go? Aquaria!! Finally. The entrance fee for adult is RM28 for Malaysian. I think it should be cheaper. Luckily d kids are still below 3 so its free entrance for them.
It was not so crowded, so we managed to enjoy most of the exhibits.

Nadhirah was the one who is so excited. She stopped at most of d aquarium n enjoyed watching d fish. She even didn't care if we were not around. Hhmmm..not good.

Muqtasaem on d other hand just took a peek n left. Couldnt been bother to stand n watch too long except for big fish.

At the Amazon area, they have XXXXXXXXL fish. Sooo huge. Ni mau makan sebulan pun tak habis.

Besides fish there are also reptiles n insects area. But its just too many small cages to see. I skipped most of it. Jenuh nak tgk satu2.

The best part was the underwater tunnel. Live sharks!

It was mentioned the size is 30% smaller than the normal size. Pheeww...i thought these could have swallown an adult in a blink. The tunnel is basically the main attraction n also d end of Aquaria.

There are some renovations work still going on during our visit. I hope they will put more aqua animals.maybe penguins like d one in Langkawi. N i think there should be more animal shows. There are piranha feeding time but we missed it..

Overall the kids enjoyed it! Best jugak being in KL while others get out from d town. Traffic is so clear..if n only if it maintains like this forever :)

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