Friday, February 19, 2010

Dinner time!!

The kids are 15 months apart.sometimes they act like twins. When one is not around, the other mcm lost. They play, eat, sleep together. Buat nakal pun together. There was one time i caught them sneaked into bathroom n main air!! Senyap2 je.
During dinner time, both of them must be seated together. Or else they wont eat. We bought 1 high chair when Muqtasaem was born.assuming he wont need it anymore, we opted not to buy for Nadhirah.hhmm we were wrong. Luckily my mom ordered a rattan high chair. so now we have two high chairs at my mom's place.

One thing i noticed for quite a while, Nadhirah likes to bully her brother. See in these pictures, she took his brother's portion of corn! and let her brother cry..ish ish..

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