Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you a juggler?

Are you a mom, a wife, a worker, a housekeeper and a cook? How do you juggle between these jobs/tasks? Being a FTWM (full time working mom) requires a lot of energy and patience! Kesabaran sgt penting yee.
When you are home after 9-10 hours at d office + getting stuck in d KL traffic, a comfy bed sounds really tempting. But once you reach home, d only "comfort" that you found is d noise of your kids. Do you blame them for getting excited to see you're home? Of course NOt!! But everyday we wish they will behave and leave us alone. Sigh*
This is where patience is important. I do lose my patience once (twice or couple of times?) in a while. kekadang terkeluar jugak temper..but after a while i regret being like that. i tried not to lose my temper but being in tired state made me do so. being at home after work means, you are switched to being a mom, cook and cleaner. Alhamdulillah, i have maid to help out. or else i think i will lose my mind soon enough. After having two kids, i learnt to block out the yelling, noises the kids make. if i attend to each of the yelling, i think i wont survive.

BUT i do love being a mom!


  1. i takde maid
    i lah mak, i la cook, i lah dobi, i lah baby sitter huhuhuh

  2. standard la kan..kdg2 dtg gak angin tu..kdg2 ngan bpak2 pun kene skali haha



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