Tuesday, February 9, 2010

KLCC park

Yesterday Mr Hubby was on MC. so he decided to take the kids to KLCC park while waiting for me. after finishing my task in the office, i went to the park. the weather was nice but little bit hot. i was walking for about 5 minutes and i was already sweating. memang musim panas kot sekarang ni. when i arrived, my two lil muchkins were chasing the birds. sungguh active. When they saw me, they ran towards me because i was holding a bottle of water. oohh...haus rupanya.

i'm so thirsty

yeay mama brought me water..

Due to current weather, it is best to ensure that the kids have enough fluid in a day. I was lucky my kids have no issue drinking plain water compared to juices. i limit their juices intake to avoid tooth decay. the kids paed always remind us not to give Ribena to the kids, due to high level of sugar. Even Mr Hubby stopped drinking Ribena.
We introduced water to kids after they were 6months old. We will ensure the water is filtered thus its good to have a good water filtering system. Since my kids stays at my parents house during the day, we installed a water filter at my mom's house as well. Due to pollution and contamination that might have penetrated to the water system, the tap water is not safe for usage. although you have boiled it, it might only killed the bacteria but the contaminants might still be there unseen. Thus its better to get the water filtered. just my 2 cents.

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