Thursday, January 28, 2010

Muqtasaem is 34 months (2y 10m) today

In 2 months time my dear son is turning 3 years old. He is still not talking. He can say few words mostly one syllable like "cat", "duck", "jet", "ball", "book". Sometimes if he wants to drink, he wud say "aaayeerrr" (air). he actually can talk cuma berat mulut.
Normal ke for boys lambat cakap? I talked to several teachers, they said its normal for boys to start talking later than girls. And some kids do start talking at 6 years old!!! Hopefully he wont take that long. Cepat2 ckp k abg.
Even Nadhirah starting to mumble few words. Thats why we sent muqtasaem to playschool. Let him mix around with other kids so that he starts talking. I really do hope so!! He starts to like going to school so nowadays its a lil bit easier to wake him up in the morning. Kalau tidak naik jenuh nk layan his tantrum.

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