Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jalan2 Balik Ipoh (Part 2)

On day 2 in Ipoh, we decided to chill out at Lost World of Tambun. The place is a smaller version of Sunway Lagoon. Lost World of Tambun is managed by Sunway Group. The surrounding is beautiful. The park is located in a valley surrounded with limestone cliff and jungle. They still maintain the greenery. Memang sejuk mata memandang.

We arrived around 10ish in the morning and the park has just opened. Our first stop is the Petting Zoo. It housed a number of small animals like rabbit, snakes, birds, raccoon etc. Why it is called the petting zoo? i think because we can touch, feed and even hug (yang ni i tak sanggup) the animals..
The kids always enjoyed reading books on animals, so we thought they would enjoy visiting the zoo. But we we wrong!! we went into this Big cage of birds. And before we know it both of them started to cry when the birds flew near to them. Gosh..menangis melalak punya type. The bird keeper gave some grain at my palm and the birds started flocking my palm in a jiff. bukan cakap anak, mama pun terjerit. basically sebab geli :). both of the kids berkepit with Mr Hubby sambil nangis-nangis. When the keeper gave Mr Hubby some grain, the kids apa lagi..melalak tak hingat punya.

Before the Bird cage we went to Serpentarium. It is basically a glass tunnel, where it housed snakes, iguana and lizards. They were so huge i tell you. Bibi ran away when we walked through the tunnel. mama pun takut jugak, tapi buat2 berani. The kids were okay during this time. maybe because the snakes are not moving.

Then we went to Rabbit Wonderland. This part only Nadhirah cried. Muqtasaem enjoyed feeding the rabbits. Luckily we bought 2 packets of the food. YES we have to buy the food. Sib baik RM1 je for 1 packet.

Surrounding the Rabbit Wonderland, there is a stream with fish in it. They called it longkang fish. I dont know why they called it that. we can try to catch the longkang fish with the net provided. the kids enjoyed feeding the fish as well as trying to catch it using the net. i think the fish are already familiar with the net and unfortunately, no one succeed in catching any fish :). But it was fun though!.

We spent about 1 hour plus at the petting zoo alone. It was really hot but we had fun. Then we were off to the Water Park. Muqtasaem jumped in joy when he hit the pool. Nadhirah only last 10 minutes in the pool.

While Mr Hubby and Muqtasaem having fun in the pool, we had our lunch at nearby food court. The choices of food are limited and its pricey! But since we are all hungry, price does not matter.

Budak yang sangat lapar lepas mandi

Dah nak balik, baru nak main2 air

Overall we enjoyed the park!!

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