Monday, January 11, 2010

the day my boy goes to school

after a week missing school, finally Muqtasaem is well enough to go to school for the first time. My nightmare begins with waking him up in the morning. We dont usually wake him up because doing so will result in him throwing his tantrum n being grumpy all day. Sangat bersabar tau. Mcm2 la pujuk, bribe skit2 barulah mandi n pakai baju. Owh we actually bought him a set of Thomas water bottle with lunch box. Just to create his interest to go to school. Mcm2 kena bribe ni. But as long he is happy n not too spoilt, it shud b ok kan..

Walid, jauh lagi ke school Muqtasaem?

When we arrived at his school, we thot that we can easily leave him. We were absolutely WRONG!! He held Mr Hubby's hand wherever he went. Never let us out of his sight. Susah la pulak. I thot that having friends to play with will make him forget about us. Mmg takde maknanya. But then Mr Hubby let him play with some lego..bila dia dah leka we sneaked out. Itupun after half an hour.

Mana school ni?

Somehow i know he will cry when he noticed we were gone. Mmg betul! His principal called me to give updates. He did cry for a while. Luckily he didnt throw his tantrum. Malu kot with strangers. Tapi kalau with me n Mr Hubby sure dah mengamuk nangis2 tk berenti.
Itulah kisah first day Muqtasaem at school.
Mcm mana la pulak esok...

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