Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jalan2 Naik LRT

long weekend is here..apa nak buat arini pun taktau. then Mr Hubby decided to bring the kids around KL by LRT. I said ok la..but we dont have any destination. so off we go to Jelatek station and bought the tix to Kelana Jaya. to my surprise, the LRT was full. we let go the first train, n to our surprise the second train was also full. but we decided to board it.

when we boarded the train, no seats were available. and to my surpise, no one gave up their seats for me who is holding nadhirah in my arms. sabar je la tgk gelagat org2 ni. the problem is there were youngsters..buat2 tak nampak je. i think we passed about 5 stations then only we got a seat. lama jugak the travelling time to Kelana Jaya.

i'm driving this train..choo choo

Mr Hubby decided to go the head of the train. saje bagi budak2 tgk luar. the kids excited bkn main. ala2 jadik driver train. when muqtasaem saw another train from the other side, he will say " choo choo". nadhirah pun ikut...but only kuar muncung je.
mmg tkde arah tujuan that day, we arrived at Kelana Jaya, bought some drinks and head back to Jelatek. But the kids had their first..err second LRT ride!

si botak naik train

memikirkan masa depan

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