Monday, August 23, 2010

Membawa anak-anak berterawih di masjid

Sejak Ramadhan starts, we have brought the kids to the mosque during weekends for Terawih. Alhamdulillah the kids behaved as they were supposed to be. It would be a good practise for them to get used to solat and masjid. At first, i takut jugak nak bawak the kids, yelah if they run around and make noise. But Alhamdulillah we could avoid those things :)

A few tips to bring your kids to mosque
  1. Make sure the mosque is comfortable. i.e spacious. Kids would not always be sitting on our side. They tend to run around then sit and then run again. So its best to go to masjid yang selesa, luas and kalau boleh ada air conditioned. Kids get cranky cepat kalau panas.
  2. For diapers wearing kids, make sure you change to a new diaper before u go to masjid. Manalah tau kan, dah penuh ke..then mula la merengek tak selesa.
  3. Since both of kids follow us to the mosque, the brother will follow Mr Hubby and Nadhirah will follow me. So they wont run around. Kalau dah ada geng, memang melilau je mana-mana. So kalau separated, one will sit quietly.
  4. Bring some toys or reading materials. Just in case they get bored waiting for us. Solat terawih je pun dah 8 rakaat. Takut lama sangat, the kids will get bored. Dari dia kacau kita solat, let them play with some toys and read some books.
  5. For me, i'll make sure i'll be on the last row and the last in the row. So that my kids would see me and they can sit beside me. Karang dia confuse, sumer pakai telekong.
  6. Bring water bottle. They may get thirsty, so prepare some water in their bottle. Kalau boleh the type that use straw so takdelah risau air tumpah
  7. Wear comfortable cloth. Kalau boleh cotton. shirt with long pants. Kids will get sweaty, when they sweat they will feel uncomfortable.
So, which mosque next? We've tried Masjid Negara and Masjid Bukit Antarabangsa. Yet to try Masjid Wilayah. Maybe next time.


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  2. bagusnye anak2 ko aidie..well behaved!..jgn salah balik ngan mak mana2 udah u mentioned earlier..semua pun pakai telekung kan? hehe

  3. aidie! blog ini berabuk uhuk huk huk sudah! hehe..



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