Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mama, i'm going to school

usually i like to work in December when others on leave. heaven k. takde org kat office. but this year, i opted to take 2 weeks break. one of my main agenda was to scout for Muqtasaem's playschool. He's approaching 3 years old but he has yet to talk. So me & Mr Hubby decided to send him to school. Our reason is to let him mix around with kids his own age and start talking. malu sungguh anak mama ni nk ckp. So after visiting few playschools, we decided to send him to Krista at Bukit Antarabangsa.

why we choose Krista? Simple, the fee fits our budget (this is important!!!) and i like the syllabus - sesuai for kids his age. there is this one kindie, they already have computer classes for age 3 kids. owh no, i dont want to expose my son so early. maybe i'm being conservative, but i think kids need to play to encourage their creativity. i want them to have fun..not to stress them how important to be genius at a very young age. pity them, kids shud have fun! and not studying and jadi ulat buku. well i do buy books for them, to build up their interest in books. but i did not enforce them to read it all the time.

well back to the story, yes we have registered Muqtasaem to Krista! and he will start 4th January 2010!

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