Monday, April 13, 2009

Jalan jalan Melaka

The weekend was spent in Melaka. And must that I am very impressed with Melaka!!!..mesti kena gelak. but seriously, Melaka has turned out to be more attractive than before. dulu kalau gi Melaka, yang i tau the Kota A Famosa, jonker street, naik beca. But now, Melaka sangat meng'impress'kan saya. We spent 3 days 2 nights kat Melaka. Hotel fully booked. luckily we managed to secure 2 rooms but not in town. takpe la janji ada place to crash.

First Day
sampai Melaka pun dah petang. check in, relax2. then carik mkn. for the first day, harus la carik asam pedas melaka. since i frequently come to melaka (work related) so ada la this place yg i suka sgt the asam pedas. the kedai called "Apple Burger". why apple burger? sbb this kedai jual burger n dlm burger dia surely ada a slice of apple. tapi tujuan utama nk makan asam pedas. mmg sedap!!. after makan2 balik tdo

Second Day
Day started with bfast kat kedai mee goreng. owh sangat ramai yg dtg ke kedai ini sampai kami pun terjebak skali. Then we headed to Kota A Famosa jalan2 around the area. Masuk the Ship Museum. thot of teruskan the day jalan2 Melaka..but the kids already get crancky. so we headed back to hotel n put them to sleep. after Asar, we jalan2 cari makan. this time we tried Baba Nyonya food at Kapitan House. sedap!! especially omellette with cencaluk.
Dah kenyang, we tried out the Melaka River Cruise. This cruise really impressed me. the river is clean, the surrounding are so cantik..with all the lampu2, some miniature along the river and we are lucky that we managed to catch dancing water show. worth the 45 minutes ride.
After that, we headed towards Menara Taming Sari. We can see the view of Bandar Melaka at night. Even though tak secantik view from Menara KL, but it was ok laa. I noticed ramai la orang gi jalan2 Melaka ni.. maybe the development done in Melaka really attracts people to visit Melaka as the weekend gateway

3rd day
since dah last day, we all sumer bangun lambat. laze around, had breakfast. and then we went to Bee Museum. why bee museum?? sebab mr hubs nak beli madu..itu jer. then after checkout, we headed to my grandma's house. haruslah menyinggah, dah la rumah nenek kat ngan melaka. nanti jadik cucu durhaka plak. that's all for the weekend gateway.

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